July 10- 12, 2017
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Case Study: Cross Platform Apps for the Mobile-Time Enterprise

The VP of Sales from Kony talks about the mobile market and how to build app by using cross-platform tools. What tools should you use to maximize app adoption and effective development and deployment of apps to enhance customer satisfaction? 

Case Study – Security Strategy at Aetna

The security strategy of Aetna is a success story; hear from these top leaders on creating a successful implementation of a security strategy. Including their secure app management journey and how they ensured app security by working efficiently and effectively with vendors. 
  • Eileen Bridges, Global Information Security, Director, Mobile Security Advisor at Aetna
  • Chris Martinez, VP of Security at Aetna

Case Study: Key Considerations for Mobile Success

Mark Troester, Vice President of Product Marketing, Telerik provides insights into how to build compelling applications and the transformations he has seen in mobility during his experiences with Telerik, looking ahead to the future and how wearable technology will play an increasingly transformative role. Mobility is used to effectively communicate and engage with customers, as well to increase productivity within internal processes, and also to digitally transform as a business. So how do you embrace all the opportunities mobile offers?

The Golden Rules of a Successful Mobile Enterprise

How does data fit into the digital transformation? Giovanni Piazza, Chief Digital Officer at Johnson & Johnson offers up his insights from his experiences as the CDO of Johnson & Johnson into the role mobility is playing in the digital transformation.

Security Masterclass: Is There a Balance Between Security and Usability?

Enterprise mobility has enabled anytime, anywhere access to information and has realized a multitude of business benefits, such as enhancing customer service, employee satisfaction, new business opportunities and reduced operating cost . However, according to Gartner, “as enterprises’ use of mobility becomes increasingly complex, their requirements to protect data and support users will become more complex as well.” Hear from the experts on achieving this balance. 
  • Andy Purdy, Chief Security Officer at Huawei
  • Eileen Bridges, Global Information Security, Director, Mobile Security Advisor at Aetna
  • Chris Martinez, VP of Security at Aetna
  • Guy Levit, Chief Executive Officer at TeleMessage
  • Moderator: John Jackson, Program Vice President for Mobility Research at IDC

Interview: Tyler Shields, VP Marketing, Partnerships, and Strategy at Signal Sciences Corp

We interviewed Tyler Shields, VP Marketing, Partnerships, and Strategy at Signal Sciences Corp about the role of IoT in Enterprise Mobility. Hear his input on what the key challenges of incorporating IoT into your strategy are, particularly questions surrounding security and the matter of who owns the data. Tyler also offers us his top three tips for IoTs. 

M2M, IOT, Wearables: The Business Case Behind @anytime @anyplace

This session features the success of a leading company in implementing wearables technology to enhance customer experience and drive competitive advantage. Speakers then dived into a debate with mobility professionals and analysts to assess the potential of M2M, IOT and wearables and their implications in the future of enterprise mobility. 
  • Gary Strumolo, Manager of Vehicle Design & Technologies, Global Manager for Driver Experience, Wearables and Health Innovations at Ford Research and Innovation Lab 
  • Ashish Shukla, Enterprise Architect at Eversource 
  • David Krebs, EVP, Enterprise Mobility and AIDC at VDC Research Group 
  • Tyler Shields, Mobile and Application Security Market Analyst at Forrester Research 

Interview: Quinn Banks Head of Mobile for Digital Marketing at Farmers Insurance

Hear from Quinn Banks Head of Mobile for Digital Marketing at Farmers Insurance about his case study on giving your digital strategy a mobile makeover. He advocates making mobility a top priority by ensuring your digital teams are mobile savvy, and offers his top tips on how to provide your customers with the best experience possible when using your organization’s mobile apps. 

Interview: John Jackson, Program Vice President for Mobility Research at IDC

We spoke to John Jackson, Program Vice President for Mobility Research at IDC, about balancing security and usability. He offered his forecasts for achieving this balance and some top tips to companies when enabling a comprehensive security strategy. Listen in for a chance to hear his predictions for the future of Enterprise Mobility. 

NFL presentation: Realigning Technology & Operations to Drive Your Mobility Projects Forward

As mobile technology advances, organisations are learning to adapt to rapid changes to ensure they remain competitive, and that increasing customer and employees expectations are met.  Manish Jha, General Manager Mobile, National Football League (NFL) gives  insight into NFL’s work on creating the capacity to execute on mobile technology.  Learn how this industry leader demonstrates the value of evangelising game changing technologies like augmented reality, NFC, social media and cloud.  He explains that tablets are the fastest growing platform for NFL, accounting for 11% of their traffic while 58% of digital media traffic came from smart phones last year.

Ensure Rapid Results from Your Mobility Initiatives by Aligning Mobile Technology with Business Strategy

Mobile strategy is the coming together of mobile technology and business strategy. However, when aligning enterprise mobile technology and strategy, it is difficult to choose and select the right technology to deliver your business objectives, whilst ensuring the technology will not become obsolete before the strategy itself? In this interactive panel discussion from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Miami 2013, a select group of mobility experts from buy-side and sell-side explain how to secure buy-in from across the business to ensure an integrated approach. They also discuss mobile device management, future-proofing mobility investment, implementing HTML5,BYOD and enhancing the relationships between the business unit and the IT department.

Panelists included:
Eric Vitale, Project Manager, Hershey’s
Donald King, Infrastructure and Mobile Services - Customer Solutions Mobility, Kimberly Clark
Taranjeet Singh, Sr. Consultant Mobility & M2M Consulting, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Bill Kramer, VP Enterprise Managed Mobility Services, AT&T Mobility
Jeff Wallace, VP - Mobility, Ness Technologies

Security In The IoT Era

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions improve efficiency, enhance asset utilization across many industrial, consumer, and commercial scenarios, and transform customer engagement models. However, security and risk professionals must understand the emerging security vulnerabilities associated with IoT and how to mitigate these issues with a comprehensive security strategy. This presentation from Tyler Shields, Mobile and Application Security Market Analyst at Forrester Research  addresses the real risk level of IoT and how to secure your IoT ecosystem. 

Interview: Giovanni Piazza, Chief Digital Officer at Johnson & Johnson

Hear Giovanni Piazza, Chief Digital Officer at Johnson & Johnson offer his opinions about what the role of mobility within an organization is, how to adopt a holistic strategy and what role Mobile Centers of Excellence have to play in this, and gain insights from the thought leader into what the future of Enterprise Mobility is. 

Putting It All Together: What’s the Next Step in Your Mobility Journey?

Gain practical and innovative tips from this interactive video session, which was recorded at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Miami. Matt Berry, Marketing Executive, IBM leads a panel including David Krebs, VP – Mobile and Wireless, VDC Research; Todd Carey, Mobile and Supply Chain Executive, Kony and Derl Rhoades, Head of Power Delivery, Service Development & Support, Southern Company on building a coordinated mobile strategy that capitalizes on the convergence of social, mobile, analytics and cloud. While mobilizing the fieldforce is expensive, it is important to look to sustainable development and take an evolutionary standpoint on how to get your enterprise mobility strategy there. Breaking down the intellectual barriers in mobility is key as we are all mobile experts due to consumerism and this savviness has transferred into the enterprise. Companies need to get out in front of their mobile strategy and build a roadmap with corporate goals.

Interview: David Krebs is EVP of Enterprise Mobility and AIDC at VDC Research Group

David Krebs is EVP of Enterprise Mobility and AIDC at VDC Research Group, we asked him to share his experiences in adopting a more integrated approach to Enterprise Mobility, and what role Mobile Centers of Excellence has to play in this transition. Listen for a chance to hear his insights into managing change in a fast-paced mobility environment in light of legacy systems. 

Interview: Tim Hundt, Senior Enterprise Architect – Experience Solutions & Innovation at GE Capital

Tim Hundt, Senior Enterprise Architect – Experience Solutions & Innovation at GE Capital spoke to EME at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Miami. The big focus for GE right now is on the user experience and looking to the right technologies and channels that will meet the user's needs.

Tim also emphasises that security is vital in order to generate a great ROI and that organisations need to consider the overall business strategy, instead of purely focusing on mobile strategy.

Using the Power of Enterprise Mobility to Catapult Your Business Forward with David Taylor, Director of Global Sales Systems, Hershey’s

When Hershey’s decided to upgrade devices, it was discovered that it was not so easy to go to next generation of capabilities. Key decision-makers delved into what was needed to create a better enterprise mobility strategy. Due to user demand, Hershey’s began to look at moving to iPads and customised a solution that would lead to a higher return, as a result, opportunities abounded.Gain a deep understanding of how Hershey’s have used mobile technology to transform and enhance their business, and tips you can take away to adopt the same model for your own organisation.

Interview: Derl Rhoades, Head of Power Delivery Service Development & Support at Southern Company

Derl Rhoades, Head of Power Delivery Service Development & Support at Southern Company spoke to Enterprise Mobility Exchange at the Miami and gave insight on how you can move forward on your mobility journey. Derl also discusses the challenges of migrating from devices and solutions that are already in place. He also suggests that the solution market needs to look at a way of creating an operating system which has one generic way for a practitioner to interface from one platform.


The Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management

Mobile apps have taken centre stage for mobility in the extended enterprise because of the business value they drive and their ability to make employees, including BYOD, contractors, dealer networks and partners, more effective.

As a result, mobile app owners are being tasked with the unique challenges of mobile app security, deployment and management. Download the Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management to learn about the requirements to take the app-centric mobile world head on.

How to Motivate Your Field Workforce by Using Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are the easiest way to get field engineers connected and in sync with everything that is going on around them.

Since field engineers are exactly that, in the field, it isn’t uncommon for them to lose their connection with the real world as well as the communications and information that can make them more effective and efficient. Mobile apps will energise your field engineers and give them the practical, timesaving tools and resources that ensure a productive working day.

In this brand new, exclusive eBook, readers will learn the following benefits of mobilising field workers with intuitive, collaborative apps - download your copy today.

Conquering the Mobile World: Take the Next Step In Your Mobility Journey

This eBook will provide you with top tips and insight from some of the global leaders in enterprise mobility from the likes of Kony, Alaska Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Eversource, Aetna and many more.
With case studies, presentations, interviews and global surveys this eBook will provide you with all of the tools you need to know about enterprise mobility and covers;
  • The latest app developments and investment priorities
  • Why data management is the next key step in your mobile strategy
  • What mobility solutions are priorities for investment in 2016
  • How to change the mind-set of an organization to embrace mobility
  • The best way to balance end user experience and security
And much more! Download your free copy below.

5 reasons to emphasize mobility

Changes in technology make it difficult to stay relevant. Active mobile devices now outnumber the world’s human population. As a result, companies need mobility to keep up. See why mobile-focused companies outperform their peers. Read our 5 reasons why senior IT should emphasize mobility in 2016.

Industry brief: Managed mobile services

Forward-thinking organizations that embrace the disruption that comes with digital transformation often discover that mobile solutions create the bridge to help deliver the value they seek. In most cases, the skill sets found in corporate IT do not include the specialized expertise needed to create and manage a diverse mobile ecosystem. As a result, deploying mobile across an enterprise languishes even as the mobile ecosystem transforms business operations in almost every industry, geography and market. Turning to a trusted managed mobile services provider makes sense – technically and financially – for enterprises that need to focus IT resources on building and supporting business-critical infrastructure. Find out why many large, global companies are looking at a managed mobile services approach. 


Micro vs Mobile Apps: What's better for your organization?

A free whitepaper from Sapho on Micro vs Mobile Apps!

A guide about MAM vs MDM by Appoloosa

A whitepaper on MDM vs MAM from Appaloosa


The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: 2016

Now in its third year, this report, compiled from responses to our annual survey with over 300 senior mobility practitioners, will keep you in-tune with the developments and trends that have occurred over the past year in relation to the technologies that comprise enterprise mobility, and where business priorities should lie moving into 2016 and beyond.
Make sure you download your free copy below to discover the results.

Post Event Report Enterprise Mobility Exchange East Coast 2016

Download this Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast 2016 Post Event Report to discover stats on who attended, what happened at the event and what solutions delegates are investing in.

2017 Trends Report

Everyone has an opinion on which tech trends are here to transform enterprise mobility and which technologies will fade into obscurity.

For this reason we asked three technical enterprise leaders to share their views on the impact of trends such as machine learning, augmented reality, connected digital environments and evolving IT infrastructures. 

How do you think your views will compare?

Get executive insights from Halliburton, Philips and IDC Research on the top trends to watch in 2017, download your free report now! 

This exclusive report was compiled in preparation for the Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange, taking place at the spectacular Chateau Elan Resort (Braselton, GA) on July 10-12, where Southwest Airlines, Bank of America, Philips and many more will be sharing their stories. Contact us for more information exchangeinfo@iqpc.com or +44 (0) 20 7368 9484